Oudh & Perfumes World
Offering a wide range of exotic and marvelous Arabian perfumes, Oudh & Perfumes World is an experience in itself. The perfumes created to provide you the best natural scent and have a long lasting effect; this has done wonders for the people of Dubai who are demanding such perfumes and scents at a rapid pace. Not only catering to the people of Dubai, they have been exporting their brands across…
Arab Perfumes  
Specialized in exclusive oil based perfumes, Arab Perfumes Dubai offer a right mix of traditional fragrances with modern natural oils. Having an entire team of professional artisans and experts they have work heavily based upon the research based solutions. This three decade old company offers majestic products which have been refreshing the people world over.
Oudh Al Anfar  
Oudh Al Anfar is a renowned name in the business of fragrance that offers all sorts of fragrance related solutions. Being a trusted name in the industry and with a lot of reputed Arabian perfume products this company has managed to carve a niche for itself and has created a loyal customer base who believe in the quality leadership of the brand.
Arabian Oud  
With over 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry and with the trust built with the expertise and service, Dubai’s Arabian Oud is a leader in Arabian perfumes, incense industry and fragrant oils. Claiming to provide the most authentic of fragrances in the entire Arab region, the quality is never compromised upon and the best and the most luxurious products are presented to the world.
Yas Perfumes  
It won’t be wrong to call the Yas Perfumes as luxury re-defined. One of the most prestigious brands of Arabian perfumes to be known in the entire Middle-East region, there has never been any compromise on the quality of their products. With outstanding fragrances and highly stylized crystal bottling, they are the most sought after brand in Dubai and the UAE.
Ajmal Eternal  
Astounding fragrances and breathtaking art come together in this unique & innovative concept on offer from Ajmal Eternal. Offering best range of Arabian perfumes and fragrances the Ajmal Eternal was started in 2001 in Dubai to give their customers the best Arabian perfumes that they deserve at the best prices so that the legacy of the Arabian perfumes continues.
Syed Junaid Alam  
A name synonymous with refined excellence and classy taste, Syed Junaid Alam are one of the best Arabian Perfume manufacturers for more than a century now. Carrying on the rich heritage and tradition they have been creating highest grades of fragrances in Dubai and have achieved international standards and certifications for their genuineness and authenticity.
Abdul Samad Al Qureshi  
Unique blended fragrances are the essence of the Abdul Samad Al Qureshi group. Specialized in mixing the values of heritage and history along with the modern fragrances they have created limited edition perfumes that are collectors’ items. Many exotic and mysterious scents are created making use of the natural raw materials and lasting perfumes are created.
Al Haramain Perfumes  
Dubai based Al Haramain Perfumes is one of the largest manufacturers of the enchanting and ever so delightful Arabian perfumes that are catering to the needs of the esteemed customers for more than four decades now. The classy and authentic perfumes by Al Haramain perfumes are adored by all and the various fragrances offer a wide range of perfumes to suit the various moods.
Ajmal Perfume  
Ajmal Perfume is a gift of the Arabs to the world. Having a strong presence in Dubai and rest of the middle-east, Ajmal perfumes export a lot of their brands and products through their exclusive outlets. With around 24 countries experiencing the joy of using the enchanting Arabian perfumes, the traditional Arabian fragrances have found its way to the world.
Swiss Arabian Perfumes  
Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group is a strategic tie-up between Arabian perfume innovators and European perfumeries bringing together to you the best of both the worlds. Having in store a huge range of brands SAPG is one of the leading perfume groups in the Middle-East. Set up in Dubai, this group has been selling its units in more than 80 nations of the world.
Nabeel Perfumes  
Bringing together the values and traditions of ancient and modern Arabia, Dubai’s Nabeel group provides a new definition to the fragrance world. Great quality products and quality packaging is the trademark of this group and coming at an affordable prices, this is a must have in anyone’s wardrobe for any sort of occasion.
Royal Diwan Perfumes  
Mesmerising the senses of the people in Dubai for many years now is the Royal Diwan group. This decade old company is a leader in customer satisfaction in the Arabian perfumes division. Wonderful aromas that are creating using natural products as a base are a huge hit amongst the people and the attractive packaging and bottling makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.
Rasasi Arabian Perfumes  
A global favorite in Dubai is the Rasasi Arabian perfumes. Having a reliability over 30 years the company has managed to keep up with the changing trends and the changing choices of the people. The fragrances offered here are based on global preference and with great innovations and substantial research this company has been offering the best services to the best people.