Dubai Aromatherapies  
Twelve tranquil treatment rooms at the superb and class spa of The Address, Dubai Marina makes this a great soul stirring center that not only re-energizes your energy but also regenerates new life in the mind and the soul. With the best team of experts offering ayurvedic massages and aromatherapies, those who leave this place re-define themselves.
Angsana Aromatherapy  
Taking its name from the exotic rainforest tree, Angsana is one of the most sought after spas, located at The Address Montgomerie Dubai. For a refreshed body and soul the therapies and treatments on offer here are simply outstanding and with the specialized aromatherapy you feel a new whiff of life imbibed in you. There is a great discount for the hotel guests and this is a must try spa in Dubai.
The Address Dubai Mall Spa  
Arrive at the spa of the hotel The Address in the Dubai Mall, the home to peace and tranquility. The mind and soul therapies here are just out of the world experience that will blur the line between real and surreal. With the most amazing aromatherapies on offer for one and for all, this is the place to be one with yourself.
Spa The Address Downtown  
For those of you who are spoilt by luxury and still want more, visit the heart of The Address’ spa at downtown Dubai. Indulge yourself in the luxury of the most wholesome massages and body treatments that encapsulates the highly rejuvenating aromatherapy. The blend of modern techniques with the best ingredients of nature makes it a lethal combo.
Cinq Mondes  
A truly French tribute to the art of massages and aromatherapy is what is known as Cinq Mondes which is the home of massaging in Dubai. Not limited to a particular therapy or a particular style, the range of massages, body care and therapies offered here are beyond compare. The best treatments here are aptly supported by the best organic product based raw materials to give you the most vibrant…
Dubai Marina Aromatherapy  
The Address is one of the most astounding and magnificent resort in Dubai. This place offers one of the most marvelous spas in the entire UAE that has various massaging therapies including the extremely popular aromatherapy. Only a few hands in the business of massaging can offer the right aromatherapy and the perfect one is assured right here.
Aromatherapy Associates  
Amidst the luxurious and extravagant abode of the Jumeriah Beach Hotel in Dubai is located a Spa Health Club which is renowned for its aromatherapy range of spa treatments. This calming and soothing therapeutic treatment for the mind and body is carried out by expert associates who offer a full body relaxation therapy done with the best quality aromatic oils and lotions.
eSSensuals Aromatherapy Center  
Run by a leading certified Aromatherapist, Sunita Tekchand special workshops are organized by eSSensuals aromatherapy center in Dubai. Pure organic aromatic oils that are imported directly from France, used to create specialized product units in various sizes. A wide range or aromatherapy and other oil based therapies are offered for a healthier mind and body.