Creed Boutique  
Luxury is the root word for this classic designer brand. With over a 100 products in the perfume and bath & body categories, the philosophy of Creed Boutique is to give the best aromas across the world. Now in Dubai, this high quality brand has an equally classy and well crafted bottling and packaging units that make a fantastic gift item for your loved ones.
Sisely Cosmetics  
Experts in Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy since many decades ago, this French designer skincare and make-up brand has taken the world by a storm. Sisely cosmetics and perfumes has taken its derivatives from the flowers and plants and have come up with the best skin care and fragrant products that are unmatched in the world.
L’Oreal Cosmetics  
One of the largest and the most prestigious brand in the history of skincare and make-up, L’Oreal is here in Dubai. With a series of sub brands that already are household names in itself, L’Oreal has managed to create the biggest impact in the beauty world. With most of the products used from this very company worldwide this is one of the most renowned designer brands in the world.
Sensai Cosmetics  
Sensai has been touching the skins and souls of millions of women from all over the world and have been providing with superb skin care and make-up brands. This designer brand comes up with a wide range of quality products throughout the year and gives the end users a captivating and enthralling experience.
Helena Rubinstein Cosmetics  
Helena Rubinstein is a make-up and cosmetic designer par excellence. Covering all the aspects of make-up, fragrances and skin care they are offering the entire range of highly valuable brands in Dubai. Effectively focusing on the skin regeneration system for an age defying beauty, they have created some of the most astounding brands in this field.