Dr.Mahaveer Mehta  
Dr.Mahaveer Mehta is Founder and Medical director in Dr.Mahaveer Mehta medical Center in Dubai since may 1990. Prior to this he was Chairman of the Dept. of Dermatology at Qatar armed Forces medical unit, Chairman of Dermatology at International Hospital Bahrain. He has also worked as Faculty member in Al Fateh University, Tripoli, Libya and SMS medical college, Jaipur. Dr.Mehta is…
Dubai Dermatologists  
Dubai Dermatologists is an exhaustive list of information for the leading dermatologists in Dubai. All the vital information of these prolific dermatologists is made available through this data base portal that gives you all the relevant data in this field. Just log onto this site for the listings of clinics and for the location based dermatology services.
friendly dermatologist examining senior woman’s skin under light
Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic  
Individual attention and informative consultation is the hallmark of this license holder in PhD in dermatology. The services offered by Dr. Fadli are in the domain of skin care, cosmetics and beauty. A well known name in Dubai, she has been providing quality services with dedication to the patients and has managed to be a leading household name in the field of dermatology.