Regime Fitness Center  
A unique fitness centre in Dubai, Regime Fitness offers the innovative circuit training programs. Making use of the efficient result oriented methods, the personal trainers and fitness instructors here are highly professional who monitor your performances and developments on the regular basis and modify the fitness regime or schedule as per the results observed to avoid fatigue.
Dubai Personal Fitness Trainer  
Based in Dubai’s Jumeirah towers this personal fitness trainer offers specialized health and fitness services. Quality training tailored according to the individual’s requirement and need is delivered. The UK certified trainer provides specialized weight training, core conditioning and pre and post-natal exercises for women. The rates offered are pretty competent.
Oasis Fitness Centre  
If you haven’t experienced the boot camp by Dubai Al Ain group’s Oasis Fitness Centre, you have missed out on the legendary fitness package. Offering fitness programs through personal trainers to the celebrities, this fitness centre has all the basic and the luxurious amenities to give you the most well deserved training experience.
Studio Fitness  
Situated at the Jumeirah Beach Center, Dubai is the highly innovative and chic Studio Fitness Centre and gym that focuses on the individual training. Studio Fitness offers customized schedule for its members based on the amount of work-outs and nourishment needs of their body for a re-energized and re-vitalized body.
VFitness Centre  
For the men of Dubai VFitness Centre offers a great package of gymming and body work out at the most affordable prices. A dedicated group of personal trainers for each and every individual for their fitness helps to monitor your development on a regular basis. The facilities available here are the best fitness brands in the world.
Ignite Wellness  
Realise your full potential for a fit body at Dubai’s Ignite Wellness and fitness centre. For those who are looking at providing the right shape to their body and a perfectly toned body, this is the place where you will get the best session plans. Also providing the services of military boot camps this fitness centre can be as rigorous and as fun filled.
Smart Fitness  
Run by a team of passionate professionals, Smart Fitness is an apt destination for those who are looking for results based training. A methodology of scientific training is practised at this fitness centre and the gym offers all sorts of personal and group body courses. Also experience the Muay Thai kickboxing fitness course here that is an exclusivity in Dubai.
Fitness 02  
Fitness 02 provides a holistic solution for the health & fitness industry where the belief is to provide customized training packages based on your needs and requirements under the supervision of qualified experts. The prime idea of this unique and uber-classy gym is to make the training and work-outs as enjoyable as possible thereby makes it not only limited to physical fitness but also…
Fitness Factory  
Hard work and right amount of training is what goes into the making of a healthy body and Dubai’s very own Fitness Factory believes this to the core. Focusing on power training and holistic physical development, this fitness centre has the latest and modern equipments and amenities in town.
Optimal Fitness  
Dubai’s one of a kind gym cum fitness centre covers a whole gamut of health and wellness related services. These include personal training, rehabilitation, nutrition, lifestyle regimen to name a few. The team consists of qualified trainers and gym instructors who have vast experience in this field and bring in cutting edge techniques for a fitter body.
Mefit Bro  
Mefit Bro offers the best fitness equipments from across the World and has been providing innovative health and fitness services in Dubai since 2003. With the vision of creating UAE’s best fitness centre and gym, Mefit boasts of having all sorts of facilities and fitness programs to cater to each and every body type.
Dubai Sports City  
The Dubai Sports City offers a wide variety of sports infrastructure that ranges from stadiums to fitness centres to training centres. Offering the high performance gym services this is strictly for those who are looking at sports as their career option. The conditioning is done to create athletes from amongst the enthusiastic people.
B Group’s Fitness  
B Group’s Fitness planet believes in giving the best amenities and services to its customers. Located in three different location around the city of Dubai, this fitness centre is operated by professional trainers and qualified instructors. The centre offers computerized fitness assessments for a better review system.
Original Fitness  
The Original Fitness co. offers a wonderful health and wellness experience through its wide spectrum of innovative fitness courses. This Dubai based gym and fitness centre offers personal training, combat fitness, and yogic sessions among loads of other sessions. For those who are high time into their fitness, this is the place to be.
ShuiQi Fitness Center  
ShuiQi Fitness center at the heart of Dubai’s – Atlantis at the Palm; provides a great ambience and scenic joy for those who are a part of the prestigious gym. The one-to-one personal training sessions with the highly skilful personal trainers make working out a great experience that you look forward to having.