Sandine Zartaux Hair Care  
Sandine Zartaux are the hair care specialists and consultants that offer the most professional and expert services in the hair care segment in Dubai. The hair care solutions include making use of the highly effective shampoos and ampules that are effective in reducing the damaged hair, put an end to split hair, remove frizzes and prevents early age hair loss.
Missha Hair Care  
Dubai’s very own Missha group has made it possible for the women to try all sorts of colors and styles for their hair without getting them damaged. The hair care products under Missha are highly reliable and they offer the best quality shampoos, conditioners and serums at the most affordable prices.
Harmony Hair Care  
Making use of the ancient Ayurvedic science, Harmony cosmetics has brought a new lease of life in the hair care segment. Having a wide array of solutions for the troubled hair, thin hair, dyed hair and even hair with dandruff, they have sets of shampoos and conditioners that are designed and created for such specific purposes.
Skala Hair Care  
Skala hair care products from Brazil find their way to the highly decorative shelves of Dubai’s leading retail stores and salons. Offering wide variety solutions for dull & life less hair, oily hair, rough hair and even curly here they have the right set of formulas to bring the shine back to the hair by making them healthy at the roots itself.
Mitonia Hair Care  
Mitonia hair care in Dubai brings to you their most luxurious and effective brand Miriam Quevedo Mediterraneum. Known to use one of the most expensive and vital ingredients in the hair products, they make use of caviar in their innovative hair care range of products. Covering and entire range of products under the brand name they offer shampoos, conditioners, serum, masks and lotions.
Nano Teb Novin Respina  
Nano Teb Novin Respina believes in the nourishment of the human hair and skin. In the domain of hair care they have managed to create some of the most innovative and research driven products that are proven to show the best results. With the hair re-growth and re-vitalization through their shampoos and conditioners they are high on demand in Dubai and the rest o UAE.
Matrix Hair Care  
Matrix, as the name suggests takes into account the basic structure of hair before looking for care and protection. Using advanced modern techniques and special art of coloring and stylizing the hair, this hair care center is an international brand with its offices/centers located worldwide including Dubai where all sorts of hair care services are on offer.