Hair Transplant Dubai  
Dubai has some of the top hair transplant clinics that provide cosmetics surgeries at the best competitive prices. There are many ways to heal early balding in one’s life where you can implant hair on one’s scalp. Thanks to today’s latest technology of micro sculpting hair follicles are transplanted one by one to give you better results.
Hair Transplant in Dubai  
Established in 2005, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery has emerged as the leading cosmetic surgery center in Dubai benefiting celebrities and ordinary people. Guaranteed results.
Farrell Hair Clinic  
One of the best is business of hair transplants & hair restoration and one of the best in Dubai, Farrell Hair has 4 stores worldwide. With the technique of understanding the reason for the reclining hairline and to use it to cure the fall further and even restoring the hair, this is one salon to look up to. The experienced hair care specialists will assure that you get the hair style of the…
Dubai Hair Loss Center  
For those who dread surgical methods for hair transplant, non-surgical hair replacement system has been a revelation brought in by Dubai Hair Loss center. The trademark Virtual Reality Hair Loss System accomplishes the impossible by incorporating human hair along with your real hair, to give you the perfect look and feel and to restore the life tension free.
NuHart Hair Transplants  
NuHart hair transplants and restoration clinics are the ultimate solution to hair loss. Starting right from the hair thinning problems to the crown balding, the procedures followed here are innovative and yet simple. Having treated over tens of thousands of people over a span on 25 years NuHart has not only restored the hair but has also brought back the smiles to the faces.
Vinci Hair Transplant  
Offering the Vinci Hair Transplant technique in Dubai makes it easier for all clients to have surgery in Dubai and rest of United Arab Emirates. Full range of methods and procedures like FUT and FUE are practiced here and the surgeons practicing here are the members of the international society of hair restoration service. Consultations here are for free.
Darling Bud’s Hair Transplant Centre  
Darling Bud’s Hair transplant centre at Dubai offers the cutting edge technology including strip techniques and FUE depending on the individual condition. Highly qualified Dr. Tejinder Bhatti who is a senior plastic and aesthetic surgeon offers is invaluable inputs and carries out the requisite procedures for best results and natural growth of the hair.