How to Identify Authentic Persian Carpets?

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Persian carpets are among the primary traditional elements of culture in Dubai. In recent years, there has been a huge demand of authentic Persian carpets Dubai in the local market. There are local stores selling these carpets. You can find them in handicraft stores in old Dubai. You can also visit a supermarket or a mall to explore a rich collection of these carpets. One of the obvious things that you come across is a dilemma to choose the right kind of carpet for your interiors. How can you identify an authentic Persian carpet? Carry on reading to know about certain simple tips in this context.

Enquire About the Origin of the Carpets

From where does the term Persia originate? It is in the middle eastern region in Iran. You need to ask questions about the carpet you are buying from the seller. It is preferable to approach an online store. A good online platform has a prolific range of stocks. You can flexibly dig through various carpets. Carpets that originate from particular regions of Iran are authentic Persian carpets. Rest products are fakes. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while choosing and buying a carpet touted as Persian rug by the seller.

Check Both Sides of the Rug

One of the striking characteristics of a Persian carpet is it does not have identical designs and patterns on its either sides. The main reason is they are made by hand, not machines. There is always a little bit of difference in between the delicate patterns and combination of hues when you compare both sides of the carpet. Scrutinize the product before you decide to spend money. When you are purchasing online, you need to check out the close-up digital images of the carpet to become surer.

Have a Closer Look at the Fringe

One of the most crucial aspects of an authentic Persian carpet is the fringe it has is an integral part of the rug. There is no distinct separation or demarcation between the fringe and main body of the carpet. They blend nicely together to render an impeccable aesthetic value. If you observe some sort of demarcation in this regard, then do not buy the product. It is not authentic. The manufacture process of a genuine Persian carpet involves various steps and is done by hands. The fringe should be beautifully sewn to the body of the rug. It provides it the charm and elegance signature to it.

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