Vaping Etiquette – Tips to Not Disturb Others When Vaping

Vaping Etiquette – Tips to Not Disturb Others When Vaping - dubaibeauty

Vaping has become ubiquitous across the world. Its popularity has been fueled by myle vape price and other electronic smoking devices, which are very affordable. They are also easy to use, and they don’t emit smoke.

As more people opt to use vaping devices, there are certain vaping rules that should be followed to ensure all vapers have a great experience. These include:

Outdoor Vaping Etiquette

Desist from smoking in unauthorized areas and always keep a fair distance from other people when vaping. More importantly, avoid smoking around children because it sets a bad precedence for them.


Indoor Smoking

Ensure you don’t smoke in prohibited public institutions like schools, hospitals, bars, and restaurants. While some bars and restaurants may allow smoking, you need to get approval before you start vaping.


Stealth Vaping

Stealth vapers try to vape without drawing any attention by withholding the vape in their lungs for longer. You may get away with it for some time, but eventually, you will get caught by the authorities if you are found vaping in a prohibited area. Avoid stealth vaping. If you are a chronic vaper, consider carrying nicotine gums to use in places that don’t allow vaping.


Cloud Chasing

Avoid blowing up huge clouds of vape just so you can get attention. Such a habit is abhorred by non-vapers. The same may be true for blowing you vape to fellow vapers. So, ensure you are always mindful of the people around you. If you have to blow huge clouds, do it when you are alone or around people who tolerate it.

Vaping Etiquette – Tips to Not Disturb Others When Vaping Sharing Vape - dubaibeauty

Sharing Vape

Unlike cigarettes, there should be no instance where you pass around one vapor amongst many users. Don’t share your vaper with anyone else to avoid contracting any kind of infection.


Vape Snobbery

Don’t look down on fellow vapers because their vapers aren’t as sophisticated as yours. Just because you prefer using custom-made one-off-steam-punk doesn’t mean other vapers love it too. Some people love them vapes simple. Also, avoid going to vape shops and exhausting other vapers with your ramblings about the favor profiles you use.



As much as you may be enthusiastic about vaping, it is important to enjoy your vape responsibly. You can achieve this by ensuring that you are not inconveniencing anyone as you vape. Most importantly, only vape in areas that are mandated by the law.

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